Audrey Knudsen

Audrey Knudsen

Licensed Veterinary Technician


Audrey graduated with a degree in Veterinary Science Technology from SUNY @ Delhi.  Though originally AALAS certified and starting a career in research, she decided the personal touch with client’s animals would be more rewarding.  Audrey has been licensed and worked in small, mixed and exotic practices in multiple states before settling in TN.  While still working, she served as the eastern representative for the Tennessee Veterinary Technician Association and was selected to be on the accreditation team for LMU.  She has a strong work ethic and a dedication for your pet whether she is using her talents as a technician in the exam room, laboratory, pharmacy, surgery suite, and radiology room, or as the staff practice manager, running the front desk, answering your phone calls, or making sure that the inventory is stocked and ordered.

At home, Audrey cares for her chickens, bees, dogs, two children and a loving husband (Go Navy).  Her hobbies include sewing, knitting, crocheting, gardening, playing the piano, singing, caring for family and friends, supporting our military and law enforcement and trying to enjoy each day to its fullest.  Several years ago, she experienced a spinal fracture but with the right surgeon and dedication to physical therapy, she has made a full recovery.  After the spinal reconstruction, rehabilitation offered relief and flexibility needed to function with minimal medications to control the pain, while still continuing the work in the field she loves.  A desire for quality of life for ourselves and our animals is her true calling.

When asked why she chose to work at AWRC, Audrey replied:

“Animals are stoic, and their pain signals can be very subtle and vague.  It’s sometimes difficult for clients to find the source of pain and reduce distress and anxiety:  I like that challenge, and we can help.  I enjoy being surrounded by an educated, caring staff that offers multiple methods in which to alleviate the discomfort of our furry friends.  Pets deserve to be comfortable- after all, they give us so much love and devotion.  I can relate to the pain, having gone through the discomfort and recovery of a painful event myself, so I wanted to work at a place where the same level of healing could happen- signing on with AWRC was a no-brainer.”