LASER Therapy for your Pet

At AWRC, we are proud to offer Class IV LASER therapy provided by Companion.  The benefits of LASER therapy are extensive.

Why LASER Therapy for Pets?

LASER therapy utilizes specific wavelengths of light (red and near infrared) to stimulate healing and relieve pain. LASER energy increases circulation, bringing needed nutrients to damaged tissues. It also decreases inflammation and releases natural endorphins in the body, providing fast pain relief and better function. 


Pain Relief

This modality has been shown to release natural endorphins, providing intensive pain relief. It is directly anti-inflammatory because it increases dilation of blood vessels and activates lymphatic drainage.

Encourages Healing

LASER therapy aids all stages of tissue healing and supports collagen production, greatly speeding up healing of wounds, soft tissue injuries, and minor fractures. It also stimulates nerve cell regeneration, making it a vital tool in spinal injuries.

Common Ailments

It has dramatic effects on other common conditions such as hot spots, lick granulomas and other dermatological disorders, ear infections, anal gland inflammations, gingivitis/stomatitis, cystitis, pancreatitis, arthritis, intervertebral disc disease, brachial plexus and other neurological injuries and even limber tail syndrome.

Post Operative Treatment

At AWRC, we use the LASER on every patient post-operatively to decrease swelling around the incision. We have found that in using the LASER, the pet is far less likely to lick at the incision or experience other common post-operative conditions such as seromas or swelling.

Protective Eye Wear

Looking directly into the LASER would be similar to looking directly at the sun. For this reason, your pet and all personnel will be asked to wear protective eye wear during the appointment. LASER therapy is painless and feels like lying in the warm sun.

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