Renee Racey

Licensed Veterinary Technician


Renee has a long history in the animal field starting with her first job as a caretaker at a large boarding facility in the United Kingdom when she was 15. From there, she has worked as a veterinary assistant, receptionist, and as a groomer before pursuing her veterinary license and graduating in 1997. Her interests in all aspects of medicine have led her to work with a veterinary ophthalmologist, several general practice hospitals, the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in the Intensive Care Unit, anesthesia, ophthalmology and radiation oncology, a veterinary oncologist that utilized medical and radiation oncology, and at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center as a technician that worked wherever needed in the services of: Neurology, Intensive Care, Critical Care, Medicine, Cardiology, Oncology and Surgery.

Her spare time is spent with her 3 dogs: Bray and Bassil- Rottweilers adopted from Southern States Rescued Rottweilers and Gussie-a Welsh Terrier that rules the roost. Renee likes to keep them active and they like to play ball, do Fitpaws activities, and swim. Bray competes in Dockdiving and has been to the World Championship twice. Bassil is a tripod that knows no limits and swims faster than his brother and loves to do zoomies!! And Gussie, well, she just likes to run on her little treadmill and stay as far away from the water as possible.

Having active dogs (one of which is a tripod) has led Renee to her interest in conditioning and fitness for athletic dogs and prevention of injury, as well as rehabilitation for injured or medically challenged animals. She has a strong interest in proper nutrition and weight control for pets and is learning about Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and holistic applications for therapy.

Besides the dogs, Renee resides in Knoxville with her son, Gabriel, who is enlisting with the United States Marine Corps in February, his cats- Giovi and Tico and her pet turtle-Chuck.