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Here at AWRC, we want you and your pet to feel comfortable coming to visit our facility. So, we’ve put together a virtual tour of our facility, so you know exactly what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is for you to feel comfortable when you come visit us, so here’s a little bit of information to put your mind to ease.



What is veterinary integrative medicine?

Veterinary integrative medicine combines the best of both western and eastern medicine to care for your pet in the best possible way.  At AWRC, we use a holistic approach in our care, looking at your pet as a whole rather than isolating issues.

We provide food therapy, nutritional advice, Chinese herbal medication, natural supplements. and acupuncture as a part of our integrative medical care.

What is veterinary rehabilitation?

Includes a comprehensive exam that dictates whether we need to do cold LASER, underwater treadmill, acupuncture. Normally treats geriatric, K9 Athlete for conditioning to prevent injury, conditioning for obesity management and post-surgery for the best outcome.

My pet is very anxious, will they be okay at AWRC?

We follow the “Fear-Free” facility protocols and guidelines. We use dog and cat pheromone sprays, minimal restraints, we prefer to have the pet parent present. The environment is quiet. There is a dog side and a cat side with separate entrances, waiting rooms and areas of the building for the comfort of the pets.

How can I pay for my pet's visit?

We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, and Care Credit. If you are using Care Credit for your pet’s appointment, you can find more information about this on their website. 

Is there parking available?

Yes, we have free and convenient parking for all of our clients both in front and behind our building.  If your pet is ill with a potentially contagious illness, please use our back parking lot and entrance.

How much will this cost?

Depending on the type of exam your pet needs, their initial appointment will cost between $65 – $140. We offer a variety of exams such as integrative and rehabilitation exams.

How long does a new patient appointment take?

Our new patient appointments last about an hour. We prefer that pet parents are present for this appointment. This helps your pet be more comfortable and allows us to collaborate with you in caring for your pet.

What should I bring to my pet's first appointment?

Great question! We ask that you bring your pet’s brand and type of food and treats, and all medicine or supplements.  If your pet has allergies or is on a specialized diet, we also ask that you bring treats that we may use in the office during their exam.

Do you treat emergency cases?

Yes, we are equipped to handle most emergency cases and accept these patients during open business hours. If possible, please call ahead so we can be ready for you.

Don’t see the answer to your question above?

That’s ok, ask us here or simply give us a call now.

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